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Information on our stocks investment product

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Why has my scheduled investment buy order been missed?My repeat Buy Order was skipped
Will Plum retry scheduled buy orders that are missed?
How do scheduled Stock buy orders work?Repeat Stock buy orders and how to set them up
Why is the final price I received different from the order estimate?
Understanding Order Execution Timing for US Stock TradesWhen is my buy order executed?
Currency Conversion Process for Trading US Stocks on PlumHow does the currency conversion work?
When I trade US stocks, what is the ‘FX’ currency conversion Fee?
Can I switch my US Stocks account from a GIA to an ISA?
What is a W-8BEN form, and why do I need one if I invest in US stocks?
If I own stock in a US company, can I participate in shareholder voting?
If I own stock in a US company can I participate in corporate actions?
In investing, what is a stock split?
In investing, what is a reverse stock split?
When I trade US company stock with Plum, what is a partial execution?
How is my money protected if I invest in US stocks with Plum?
How can I cancel a reserved buy/sell US Stock order?
If I invest in US stocks, which currency are dividends paid/credited in?
What is the minimum order amount if I trade US stocks?
Can I buy or sell multiple US company stocks at any given time?
Can I buy fractional Stock shares?
Can I cancel an order to buy/sell US company stocks once placed?
Where can I find my stock trading history?
How can I place an order to buy or sell US stocks?
Will I be paid dividends if I invest in US stocks through the Plum app?
Can I set price alerts for buying or selling US stocks?
How do I sell the stocks I previously bought through the Plum app?
Is there a limit on the number of buy or sell orders I place for US stocks?
What are the market hours for buying or selling US Stocks?
Which types of investment accounts are available if I trade US stocks?
Tax Considerations for US Stock Trading on the Plum AppAre my earnings Taxed?
Do I have to live in the UK to trade US stocks?
US Stocks Statements