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How do scheduled Stock buy orders work?
How do scheduled Stock buy orders work?

Repeat Stock buy orders and how to set them up

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  1. Recurring Orders: You can schedule buy orders to repeat at specified intervals - daily, weekly, or monthly.

  2. Market Open Time: The time set for your recurring order will be aligned with the market open time.

    • Example: If you create a recurring weekly order at 15:30 on a Monday, your order will reoccur at the market open time (14:30) the following Monday.

    • Outside Trading Hours: If you set up an investment buy order outside of U.S. stock market trading hours (which is between 14:30 - 21:00 UK time), your order will be queued and executed as soon as the market reopens. For instance, if you set up your weekly order at 23:30 on a Monday, it will be placed (and reoccur) on Tuesday at 14:30.

    • Last Day of the Month: When you create a recurring order on the last day of the month, the app automatically accounts for months with fewer days by placing recurrences of your order on the last day possible. This may be as early as the 28th, especially in February.

  3. Bank Holidays: If your recurring buy order falls on a Monday that is a U.S. Bank Holiday, the order will be executed when the market reopens. In this case, it would occur on Tuesday at 14:30.

This system provides flexibility and ensures that your recurring buy orders are executed in line with market open times, even in situations like holidays or orders scheduled outside of trading hours.

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