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Plum Debit Card - Freeze / Unfreeze
Plum Debit Card - Freeze / Unfreeze

How can I freeze or unfreeze my card?

Updated over a week ago

Freezing my Plum Debit Card

If you misplaced your Plum Debit Card, or you suspect there has been any unauthorized activity on it, we suggest you freeze it immediately. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your home screen

  2. Tap on your Plum Card pocket

  3. Tap on Manage card in the top-right corner

  4. Select Freeze card

  5. You will immediately be able to verify it’s frozen, as your only options now are to unfreeze or cancel your Plum Card.

Unfreezing my Plum Debit Card

If the reasons you froze your Plum Card are now gone, you can simply tap on Unfreeze card as seen below, to continue using it as before.

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