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Plum Debit Card - PIN

How can I find and change the PIN of my card?

Updated over a week ago

The PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is used to verify the identity of the cardholder. It consists of 4 numbers and is essential to complete any transaction.

View PIN

To access your Plum Debit Card PIN, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap the "Card" tile on the homepage of the Plum app.

  2. Select "Manage Card"

  3. Then, tap "Show PIN"

⚠️ Please note that your Plum Debit Card PIN is not the same as the PIN used for logging in to the app.

Change PIN

To change your Plum Debit Card PIN, you must visit an ATM and select the “Change PIN” from the ATM services. Currently, we do not offer the option to change the PIN through the app or the system, primarily for security reasons.

My PIN is blocked

Entering your PIN incorrectly multiple times can lead to your card being blocked. If this occurs, you'll need to visit an ATM of your choice and select the Unblock PIN option from the ATM services. For security purposes, we do not have the capability to unblock the PIN through the app or the system.

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