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Plum Debit Card - Transactions

How can I see the transactions of my card?

Updated over a week ago

All transactions related to your Plum Debit Card can be accessed in the Card section of the app. This includes:

  • Top-ups of the card pocket

  • Withdrawals from the card pocket

  • Purchases and payments

  • ATM cash withdrawals

The transaction list is available to you in the app at any time. Please note that we currently do not provide transaction statements for the Plum Debit Card, but we are actively working on implementing this feature.

Refunds and Incoming Transactions

The Plum Debit Card is not designed to support incoming transactions from external sources. This includes deposits (e.g., from PayPal) and refunds from purchases, among others. These transactions may not be accurately tracked in the system and can take a few business days to appear in the app.

We do not recommend using the Plum Debit Card for such purposes, as it may lead to technical errors.

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