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Plum Debit Card - Declined Payments
Plum Debit Card - Declined Payments

Why was my payment declined?

Updated over a week ago

When using the Plum Debit Card, there are various reasons why a transaction may be declined. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Insufficient balance This occurs when the available balance in your Card pocket is insufficient to cover the purchase. To resolve this, you need to add funds to your card pocket. If you're unsure how to do this, please tap the button below for guidance.

  2. Wrong details Transactions may be declined due to incorrect details. This could involve the PIN, CVV, or the 16-digit card number. Ensure you're entering the correct information for successful transactions.

  3. Unsupported merchant Plum does not support certain high-risk merchants, such as those related to gambling, unregulated investments, adult services, and pay-at-pump transactions at gas stations. For the latest, you can use your Plum Debit Card inside the kiosk.

  4. Limits Transactions might be declined if you've exceeded the Plum Debit Card usage limits.

  5. Contactless Protection For security reasons, there may be instances where you're required to use the traditional chip-and-PIN method before using the card contactless again. This is also mandatory for the first transaction with your Plum Debit Card to verify the card possession with your PIN.

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