Google Pay
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Google Pay is a fast, easy, and secure way to make payments on websites, in apps, and in stores using the cards stored in your Google Account. Here's how you can add your Plum Debit Card:


  • An Android device with NFC (Near Field Communication) support

  • An activated Plum Debit Card

How to add the Plum Card to the Google Wallet

  1. Tap the Add to GPay button within the Card section on the Plum app.

  2. Once the Google Wallet process begins, tap the "Add" button to proceed.

  3. You'll be asked to accept both the Terms and Conditions and the Issuer Terms of the Google Wallet.

  4. After accepting the terms, tap the View in wallet button.

  5. Your Plum Debit Card is now successfully added to your Google Wallet and ready for use.


⚠️ In case Google feels that there is a security issue in the background, they may require you to do a verification through the phone with OTP (through SMS or Automated call).

⚠️ For security purposes, we only allow up to GBP 45.00 per contactless transaction with Google Pay.

ℹ️ There might be a GOOGLE *TEMPORARY HOLD transaction of GBP 0.00 in your Plum Debit Card. This is a Google requirement to check if the card is active and functional.

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