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Why Must I Provide Identification documents to Invest?
Why Must I Provide Identification documents to Invest?

Reasoning and requirements for ID

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We are required by law to verify the identity of customers who wish to invest with us as part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This is to comply with UK legislation designed to prevent money laundering. 

One of our team may ask you to provide photo ID (e.g. a passport or driving license). You can upload these within your Plum app. We’ll confirm once your document has been approved and you’re ready to invest!

When uploading ID make sure that all four corners of the document are in the photo and nothing is covered/cutoff and that there is no glare.

Submitting Proof of Address

Your Proof of Address can be any of the following types of documentation:

  • Document from a UK regulated financial services firm confirming a relationship

  • Bank/Building society investment account or insurance company statement (dated within last 3 months)

  • Mortgage statement (dated within last 12 months)

  • Council tax statement (dated within last 12 months)

  • Utility statement, incl. gas, electricity or water (dated within last 3 months)

  • Telephone (landline only) bill (dated within last 3 months)

  • Local council rent card or tenancy agreement

  • Legal document recognising title to property

  • Instrument of a court appointment (liquidator/grant of probate

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