Withdraw from Mutual Funds
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To withdraw money from a Mutual Fund, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the Investments tile on your home screen

  2. Select the Mutual Fund that you want to withdraw

  3. Tap on the Sell button

  4. Type the amount of money that you want to invest

  5. Press Confirm Sell

Once you complete all the steps above, you should have created a successful sell order.

Mutual Funds - Withdrawal Timeframes

It's important to understand that the withdrawals from Mutual Funds are not instant. The selling process takes around 4-5 business days to be completed due to various technical processes that need to be performed by our Investment Provider.

The money you withdraw from the Mutual Funds is going to your Primary Pocket, not your bank account. Once the transaction is completed, you can withdraw the money from your Primary Pocket to your bank account.

If you already have a pending sell order in a specific Mutual Fund, you can't create another one from the same Mutual Fund until the pending sell order is completed.

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