The 1p Challenge
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How it Works

With the 1p Challenge, you can effortlessly set aside a penny more every day and accumulate up to £667.95 in a year. The challenge kicks off with a humble 1p on the first day and incrementally adds 1p daily for a complete cycle of 365 days.

How to Set Up

Please follow the steps below to set up the Automatic rule:

  1. Open the app and find the Brain.

  2. Tap on 1p Challenge.

  3. You can turn it on or off, like a light switch.


While the rule operates daily in the background, the accumulated funds will be deposited once a week, along with the rest of your rules. The first deposit for this rule is expected in the second week of its function. This is because the amount of the first week is only £0.28, which is too small to be deposited.

The money from the 1p Challenge rule is going to your Primary Pocket or the destination of your Splitter settings. It's not going into a special pocket.

This feature is available only in the UK and only in the Ultra and Premium plans.

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