The Splitter
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The Splitter is a tool designed to split automatically your recurring transfers from your depositors. It automates the process of allocating money to the following destinations:

  • Your Pockets

  • Your Plum Debit Card

  • Your Mutual Funds (Stocks & Shares ISA/GIA)

  • Your Plum Interest

You can access the Splitter settings through the Brain menu in the app, or by tapping here.

⚠️ Please note that if you change the settings of the Splitter, the changes will apply to the next automated deposit. If you have a pending deposit at the moment, it will proceed according to your previous settings.


  • The Splitter cannot be used for the manual deposits you make in the app. You can use it only for automated transfers from the depositors.

  • The Splitter cannot be used to send money automatically to your Stocks.

  • The Splitter cannot be used for the Cash ISA.

  • You can only set percentages from 0-100, not fixed amounts. This is because some depositors (like the Automatic or the Round-Ups) don’t have a fixed amount every week.

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