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Why Plum didn’t deposit money?
Why Plum didn’t deposit money?
Updated over a week ago

There are instances when Plum cannot create automated transactions for you. This can occur for various reasons, with the most common scenarios being:

Insufficient balance: Automated rules may not run if there's an insufficient balance in your bank account. It's important to note that these rules require you to have a sufficient amount of money available in your account for proper execution. We recommend checking your balance every Sunday night to ensure that there's enough money available.

Linking issues: Some of our rules require an active link between Plum and your bank account. While this may not always be evident in the app, please be aware that you must reestablish a link between your bank account and Plum every 90 days.

Technical issue: Cases involving technical issues require investigation by our Customer Success team to determine the exact reason. Often, such issues arise when users attempt to send money to a closed pocket automatically, which can disrupt the entire process, or the account may be frozen for security purposes.

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