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Why is my Plum account restricted and how to regain access?
Why is my Plum account restricted and how to regain access?
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What to do when my account is restricted?

If you do find your Plum account is restricted, you can:

  • Check your emails and/or notifications in your Plum app, which might be to verify your identity or to provide a piece of financial information

  • Message us on the Plum app and chat with one of our agents to find out if there are any details you need to provide or if there is an issue with your Plum account

  • Get documents for your verification and transactions ready, so that you’ll have them close at hand

  • Make sure that when you are uploading documents the information is valid, up to date and images are clear.

Why does my Plum account become restricted?

Plum is a regulated financial company, bound to follow rules and regulations governing financial services. This includes that Plum has to perform certain checks on our users from time to time and request, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, all such documentation or information to ensure Plum’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

During the check process of your Plum account and/or transactions, Plum may consider restricting your account and some features of Plum may be disabled until we receive a sufficient response from you. The relevant teams may ask you to provide certain documentation or information including, but not limited to, information to verify your identity and source of transactions/income.

It is important that you fully cooperate with our teams and provide all such documentation or information as may be reasonably required by Plum since failure to do so may result in delays and/or the termination of your Plum account in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

What can I do if my Plum account is restricted?

In order to avoid any undesirable delay and/or termination of your Plum account it is important to always and fully cooperate with our agents, providing all such documentation or information as may be required.

How long will it take for the review to be completed?

There is no specific timeframe for the checks to be completed as it depends on each individual case. But rest assured that the relevant teams work hard to minimise disruption while your account is under review and temporarily restricted.

In some cases, it can take longer than expected to complete the checks. This usually happens when Plum has to liaise with our partners and/or other organisations, when necessary.

Why doesn't Plum provide me with explanations or updates?

The applicable regulations don’t allow us to share any information or provide updates while a check is still ongoing.

This means that our agents cannot share with you information on why your account has been restricted or how long it will be until the checks are over.

Are my funds safe?

Rest assured that your money and funds remain safe and will be available to you once the checks are completed. Please also read more about how your money and funds are protected:

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