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How can I transfer my existing pensions to Plum?
How can I transfer my existing pensions to Plum?
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Consolidating all your existing SIPPs and pension accounts into Plum allows you to conveniently manage your retirement savings through a single app while taking advantage of Plum's additional features.

Here's how you can easily complete the process within the app:

  1. Provide your personal information.

    • Note: If you're trying to locate a lost pension, you can refer to the UK Government's pension finder.

  2. Choose the funds in which you want to invest your pensions. You can find more information about available funds [here

  3. Select your beneficiaries.

  4. Enter the details of any existing pensions you wish to transfer to Plum. You can transfer multiple pensions at any time.

  5. Review the legal documents and sign the transfer request.

Please be aware that certain types of pension plans cannot be transferred to Plum, including:

  • Active Employer Pension Plans

  • Crystalised Pension Plans

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

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