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Defining key features in investments

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Investment Homepage

(A) This represents the total value of your investments across all funds. Please keep in mind that any investments that are still in progress won't be visible here until they are fully processed.

(B) This displays your overall profits or losses across all your investments. Your earnings are calculated daily and reflect the gains or losses from the moment you started investing. It's important to note that this value doesn't reset if you decide to withdraw some of your invested funds.

Earnings are calculated by subtracting your total deposits and withdrawals from your fund balance.

(C) Here, you can get a detailed view of your investment portfolio, including the different funds you're invested in.

(D) This section displays the current balance for each specific fund. Keep in mind that it doesn't include any pending deposits. The balance is calculated by multiplying the current quoted price by the number of units you hold.

(E) Return, in simple terms, is a way to measure how your fund is performing. We calculate 'simple returns' using the following formula:

[(Current Fund Balance - Total Deposits + Total Withdrawals)] / (Total Deposits - Total Withdrawals)

This formula helps you understand the ratio between the net profit and the initial cost of your fund. It's a straightforward way to see how your investments are performing.

(F) Tap here to include another fund.

(G) Tap Activity to see your investment transactions, including pending deposits and when they will arrive.

(H) Account Type lets you know whether your Investment account is an ISA (Individual Savings Account) or a GIA (General Investment Account). If it's an ISA, you'll also see your contributions towards your ISA allowance. Please remember that making withdrawals from your investments won't reduce your ISA allowance usage

(I) Tap one of these buttons to see the movement of the fund over a period of time on the graph above them.

(J) Breakdown of the top companies comprising of the fund. If you want to see a further breakdown you can access it in the KIIDS documents.

To find the KIIDS:

  • If you are using iOS tap the icon in the top left and then tap 'Documents'

  • If you are using Android tap 'You' > Documents

(K) This uses the data from (I) to show the estimated growth in 30 years time, assuming that you deposit GBP 50 monthly.

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