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Understanding the Investment feature
Understanding the Investment feature
Defining key features in investments
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Investment Homepage

(A) This is your total investments across all funds. Bear in mind that pending investments will not show up here until they are completed. You can read more about pending investments here.

(B) This shows your earnings across all funds. Earnings are gains/losses for investments and is updated every trading day. Its value is from when you first started investing money and does not reset if you take money out.

(C) This section shows the breakdown of you investment profile with the different funds.

(D) The total balance in this particular fund. Bear in mind it does not include pending deposits.

Balance = current quote price X units held

(E) Shows the gains/losses for a particular fund. Like in (B) it does not reset.

Earnings = Balance - Total Deposits + Withdrawals

(F) Return is the ratio between net profit and cost of a fund. The "simple returns" calculation is :

[Fund balance - (deposits_total - withdrawals_total)] / (deposits_total - withdrawals_total)

(G) Tap here to add another fund. You can read more about doing so here.

(H) Account Type tells you if your Investment account is an ISA or a GIA. If it is an ISA it will also show your contributions towards the allowance. Note that withdrawing from investments does not decrease the ISA usage. You can read more about the ISA allowance here.

Fund Page

(I) Tap Your Activity to see your investment transactions, including pending deposits and when they will arrive

(J) This updates every working day (Weekends/holidays excluded) in the morning.​

(K) Tap one of these buttons to see the movement of the fund over a period of time on the graph above them.

(L) Takes the data from (K) to illustrate the value of £1,000 invested from that time up until the current day.

(M) Breakdown of the top companies comprising of the fund. If you want to see a further breakdown you can access it in the KIIDS documents.

To find the KIIDS:

  • If you are using iOS tap the icon in the top left and then tap 'Documents'

  • If you are using Android tap 'You' > Documents

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