Opening/Closing an Investment fund
How to add or remove a fund
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Opening a fund

Just launch the app and tap Investments from the home screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Add new fund' 😊

Then, choose your desired fund:

You can open as many funds as we offer and there is no extra charge for doing so. You can read more about the different funds we offer here and here.

Closing a fund

Bear in mind at the moment you cannot remove the fund from your investment page but you can stop investing in a particular fund.

You can withdraw all of your money from the investment fund. To do this simply tap on 'Investments', then tap on 'Deposit & Withdraw'.

NOTE: If you have splitters active make sure it is set so funds do not go into the fund. You can adjust this by tapping on Brain and scrolling down to Splitter and then Edit.

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