Multiple Bank Accounts
Updated this week

In Plum, you have the flexibility to link multiple bank accounts to your profile. However, there are important points to consider when doing so:

  1. One main account: You can only set one bank account as your main account and you can only deposit or withdraw from this main bank account.

  2. Multiple accounts from the same bank: If you wish to add an account from a bank that you've already linked in the app, follow these steps:

    • Initiate the process as you would normally.

    • When you reach the step where the app asks you to select which bank account to link, choose all the accounts associated with that bank

Once the linking process is complete, you can easily remove any accounts you no longer want to be linked. This step is necessary due to certain technical considerations.

Note: This feature is available only in countries with Open Banking support. For more details, please press HERE and HERE.

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