When you submit an instruction to trade US company stock, the order is driven by the value of shares you want to buy or sell (unless you’re closing your investment, in which case we’ll sell all the shares you own), in Pounds Sterling (GBP).

For a buy order, we’ll then arrange the currency conversion with our FX partner, Airwallex, who exchange your GBP into Dollars (US$) before our investment broker purchases the greatest number of shares in your chosen company possible, based on the market price available to them at that time.

For a sell order, our investment broker will sell the company shares you own at the best market price available to them, before Airwallex converts your money back from Dollars (US$) into Pounds Sterling (GBP).

Please note that for the US stocks sell orders, your funds will be distributed back to your Primary Plum Pocket 2 working days after your order was placed.

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