Closing your investment account depends on two factors:

ISA account that was opened less than 30 days ago

Note: This formal cancellation process can be done with GIAs but as there are no allowance restrictions or account limits like an ISA so it is unnecessary.

If you would like to cancel your investment account, you would need to fill out the attached form and send it to

You can find the form by going to settings (in iOS tap the icon in the top left; in Android tap 'You'), going to Documents, and selecting Investment Terms and Conditions. The form will be available there. You can also ask Support to supply you with a copy.

It is also very important you make sure your splitter is cancelled so no investments are made in the meantime! To do so go to Brain then Splitter. Bear in mind pending investments will not be affected.

Once you send over the form the Support team will pass it along to our partner to process. The processing may take up to 30 days, but this is unusual.

While that is processing your Investment account will be frozen in the meantime so no funds can be deposited/withdrawn. This is to ensure a smooth cancellation as funds going in/out will mess up and delay the process. Your funds will be returned directly to your Primary pocket upon cancellation.

GIA or ISA opened over 30 days ago

Note: If you want to open a Stock and Shares ISA with another provider and your Plum ISA is over 30 days you will have to transfer your Plum ISA over

You can close your investment account by simply withdrawing all your funds.

To withdraw your money out of your investments, simply tap on Investments, then tap on Deposit & Withdraw.

If you have splitters active make sure it is set to 'Primary pocket only'. You can adjust this by tapping on Brain and scrolling down to Splitter and then Edit.

If you no longer wish to be subscribed to Plus/Pro/Ultra make sure once your funds are withdrawn to go to Settings (in iOS tap the icon in the top left; in Android tap 'You') then Manage Plum Plus/Pro/Ultra to cancel your subscription*.

*If you have Pro or Ultra plan and want to use its other features but just not investments then you do not need to do this step

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