Core US S&P Fund
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The Core US S&P Fund is a passive fund aiming to replicate the performance of the Standard and Poor’s Total Market Index (the “Index”), which includes shares of large, mid, small, and micro-sized companies in the US. It achieves this by investing in a representative sample of Index constituent shares, striving to track the Index's performance. The Fund typically remains fully invested, holding minimal cash, except in exceptional market, political, or similar conditions where temporary deviations from this policy may occur.

Provider: Vanguard Investments UK, Limited

Assets: Stocks 100% (3,625 Stocks)

Key Investor Information Document: Document

Risk: 6/7 according to the industry standard

Investment Goal: Long-term, 5 years or more

Below, you can see the past performance of the fund. Please note that the past performance is not a reliable indication of future performance. Capital is always at risk.

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