Growth Ethical Fund
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The Growth Ethical Fund is a passive fund tracking an Index representing the performance of large, mid, and small-size shares across developed markets worldwide. The Index, constructed from the FTSE Developed All Cap Index, is screened for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria by an independent sponsor. The Fund promotes environmental and social characteristics by excluding companies from its portfolio based on their societal and environmental impact, in line with the Index's criteria. Exclusions include companies involved in vice products, non-renewable energy, weapons, and those with severe controversies. While the Fund generally tracks the Index, it may temporarily hold securities that do not comply with ESG requirements until they cease to be part of the Index and can be feasibly liquidated.

Provider: Vanguard Investments UK, Limited

Assets: Stocks 100% (4,504 Stocks)

Key Investor Information Document: Document

Risk: 5/7 according to the industry standard

Investment Goal: Long-term, 5 years or more

Below, you can see the past performance of the fund. Please note that the past performance is not a reliable indication of future performance. Capital is always at risk.

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