What details do you need?
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To have a complete registration process with Plum, we will ask for the following details:

  1. Email: Your email address is crucial as it serves as your primary identifier for accessing your Plum account securely.

  2. Full First and Last Name: Please provide your complete first and last name. This helps us enhance the security of your account and facilitates easy linking to your bank account.

  3. Date of Birth: To comply with regulations and ensure eligibility, Plum is exclusively available to users aged 18 and above. Please provide your accurate date of birth to avoid any potential issues during verification by our Operations team.

  4. Home Address: Your home address is essential for added account security. Additionally, if you receive physical deliveries from Plum, such as the Plum Debit Card or merchandise, having your accurate address is vital. This information is also required by our banking partner for linking your bank account to ours.

  5. Your Bank Details: To fully automate your savings and investments, we need access to your bank account details. Rest assured, this access is read-only, meaning we cannot modify or misuse any of your bank information. It simply enables us to make precise deposits on your behalf.

By providing the above details, you'll experience the full benefits of the Plum services while ensuring the utmost privacy and security of your information.

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