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When funds will reach my Plum SIPP?
When funds will reach my Plum SIPP?
Written by Daniel O'Sullivan
Updated over a week ago

When you move money into your Plum SIPP, you may notice that the funds will be shown as ‘pending’ in the activity feed for a few working days.

It takes on average 5 working days for a SIPP transaction to finish processing compared to an automatic deposit. However, when you transfer funds from your bank account the money must first enter your Plum account and is then redirected into your SIPP account. This means it takes an extra 4 days to complete.

During this time it may appear your money is neither in your Plum account nor in Plum SIPP. Don’t worry, this is normal! Your funds have been transferred into your account and are in the process of being invested during the next trading cycle. As soon as your money is on the market, this will be reflected in your Plum SIPP profile balance.

To find your pending transactions tap Plum SIPP > see details to get the completion dates of each.

Please note that, when transferring pensions from different providers to Plum SIPP, then the process might take several weeks to be completed.

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