Transfer Cash ISA into Plum
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In case you want to transfer your Stocks & Shares ISA account into Plum, please check the following steps:

  1. Select the Save category in the app

  2. Tap on the Cash ISA tile

  3. Scroll down to the More ways to add money category

  4. Select the Transfer-in to initiate the transfer process

  5. Check the information and press Get Started/Continue

  6. Fill in the information about your current Cash ISA. You will be asked for:

    1. Your current Cash ISA provider

    2. The type of your current Cash ISA

    3. The ISA account number (common for all the ISA products)

    4. The estimated value of the Cash ISA you want to transfer

  7. Preview the details and choose to transfer more ISAs if you want to.

  8. Accept and sign the Terms & Conditions

Following the process above, a transfer request should be created in our system and will be handled by our Operations Department. The transfer process should take around 15 business days if you transfer a Cash ISA, or around 30 business days if you transfer any other type of ISA (e.g. Stocks & Shares).

The transfer of your Cash ISA from another provider to Plum will not affect your ISA allowance for the current tax year.

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