Cautious Fund
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The Cautious Fund is part of the MyMap series, with its numbering used solely for differentiation. Its goal is to deliver returns over five-year periods through an actively managed portfolio while maintaining a risk profile of 3%-6%. This risk profile is determined by the portfolio's volatility, representing the degree of fluctuation in returns converted into an annual rate over five years. Higher volatility indicates greater risk.

Provider: BlackRock Fund Managers Limited

Fund Name: MyMap 3 Fund

Assets: ETFs 36%, Funds 35%, Government 28%, Financial Institutions 1%

Key Investor Information Document: Document

Risk: 4/7 according to the industry standard

Investment Goal: Long-term, 5 years or more

Below, you can see the past performance of the fund. Please note that the past performance is not a reliable indication of future performance. Capital is always at risk.

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