Naughty Rule
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The Naughty Rule can automatically set money aside when you shop with a retailer you consider a guilty pleasure 😈

Once the Naughty Rule has been fully enabled, we’ll arrange to deposit the amount you choose (up to a maximum of once per day) when you spend with your nominated retailer using your linked bank account or Plum card.

The Naughty Rule can ease the guilt of unnecessary or extravagant spending, or alternatively, the Rule could serve as a spending deterrent!

How to activate the Naughty Rule

  1. Go to your Plum app.

  2. Tap 'Brain' and then select the "Naughty Rule" found under Rules.

  3. Toggle it to ON

As always, Plum will notify you about this automatic deposit every week and will also display the total amount set aside up to that point!

By default, any deposits from the Naughty Rule are transferred to the Plum Primary pocket.

If you have the splitter enabled, then your deposit will be split across Pockets, according to your splitter rules!

Available on Plum Ultra and Premium for UK customers only.

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