Weekly depositor
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This rule allows you to decide how much you want to tuck aside each week. This is the first rule at Plum where you are able to select the amount, starting as little as £1/1€!

How to activate it? - Go to your Plum app. - Tap 'Brain' and then select the "Weekly Depositor" found under Rules. - Toggle it to ON and you are all set! Plum will notify you every time it makes a deposit, as always! 😊

Weekly Depositor's default amount is £2/2€, but you can easily change it in the app if you wish to set aside a bit more (or less) every week. There are 5 options Plum will suggest for you to choose from (£1, £2, £5, £10 and £20) but if wish, you can choose a specific amount which will fit you best.

Once activated each week Plum will set aside this amount every week and it will be part of the Combo Saver.

As always, you are able to turn off the Weekly Depositor at any time as well as change the amount you want to set aside every week.

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