No worries! This is most likely because your funds are still pending to reach Plum. It's always safe in the meantime, just 'on the way'. 🙂

Regular Pockets

If the funds have not yet reached your Plum Pockets, please note that deposits to normal pockets take 4 working days to reach your account from the day they were initiated.

Interest pockets

While transfers to non-interest pockets tend to be instantaneous it is a different case with transfers to Interest-bearing pockets:

Interest deposits are submitted to our partner, Investec, once per day at 14:00. Investec will receive the money the next business day and then your funds will be added to your interest pocket.


  • When requesting a withdrawal before 15:00 UK time on business days, it will be completed the same day.

  • When requesting after 15:00 UK time on business days or during weekends/bank holidays, it will be completed the next business day.

To see when your funds are going to reach your Plum account, open the app, go to 'Pockets' and see the full list of savings as well as the date the funds will reach your account. They usually arrive by the end of the estimated due date.


However, if you have investment deposits pending, they will show up somewhere else (investments take up to 7 working days).

To find your pending investments and their estimated completion dates:

  • On Android, tap Investments > scroll down and select a fund and tap "my activity".

  • On iOS, go to Investments > scroll down and select a fund and tap 'Tracker'.

👉 They will not be reflected in your total investment balance until they are completed.

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