How do I sign up?

To start using Plum Ultra go to the home screen of the app and tap on the Money Maximiser icon. From there follow the flow of setting the Money Maximiser up and once you are done you will be prompted to upgrade to Plum Ultra.

Alternatively, you can tap on your Profile > Give me an upgrade and select Plum Ultra.

How do I cancel Ultra?

To cancel go to the Profile page > Manage Plum Ultra > Cancel.

👉 Please note that you need to cancel the subscription or your free trial before the billing cycle is renewed (Terms & Conditions apply). You can see when your next billing date is from within your profile page in Plum.

What will happen to my investments if I cancel?

We suggest you cancel your subscription after you've withdrawn all your investments entirely so as to make sure you have access to them in the meantime.

After you fully withdraw, you can go ahead and cancel your Plum Ultra.

What will happen to my Pockets if I cancel?

If you cancel your Ultra Subscription you can still keep your pockets - you will also still be able to deposit and withdraw from them 😁

It would mean that you wouldn't be able to set up any new pockets.

What will happen to my Money Maximiser?

If you cancel your Plum Ultra, your Money Maximiser will become inactive once your active cycle is finished. Your remaining funds will be sent back to your bank account and no more weekly allowances will be created.

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