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What happens if I don't relink my Main account?
What happens if I don't relink my Main account?
I get a "Broken link" error on my screen
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To keep Plum working 100% smoothly, we need you to refresh the connection to your Main linked bank account every 90 days.

What happens if the linking breaks?

Once your link expires, the following features (if enabled) will initially not be as effective, and then eventually stop working altogether:

  • Automatic Saver Rule - Plum's algorithm calculates the perfect amount to set aside by analysing your transactions, so it needs to stay connected to your bank in order to work properly.

  • Roundups - Plum can't round up your transactions if it can't 'see' them in the first place 🙈.

  • Bank balance - If you're using Plum to keep track of your daily bank balance, you'll need to refresh the link so Plum can keep eye on it.

  • Lost Money - Our ability to give you personalised recommendations to cheaper providers will be decreased. You will still be able to get a recommendation manually though, by tapping on the 'Lost Money' tab in the app.

  • Money Maximiser - Your current cycle will break and Plum won't be able to budget for you until you re-link your account.

👉 Your Pay Days, Rainy Days and 52-week Challenge won't be affected once Plum's connection to your bank expires.

👉 You can also continue to make manual deposits to and withdrawals from Plum after the link expires, but we do recommend refreshing your link to get the best experience out of the app!

🔒 Remember, your funds are always safe while the link to your bank is broken.

How to re-link your account

  1. Tap 'Manage' on the Home screen, next to 'Linked accounts'.

  2. Tap on your 'Main account'

  3. Tap 'Get me back to 90 days'

If you face any issues with that, feel free to reach out to us via chat or email at along with the screenshot of any errors you might have got. 😊

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