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How do Maximiser deposits work?

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At the beginning of the cycle, Maximiser will create a deposit for you which will include all of the future weekly allowances, apart from the first allowance which stays in your bank account as your spending money for that week.

👉 As the deposits are instant, cancellation of the deposit to Maximiser pocket is not possible.

If you need the funds from your Maximiser pocket, you can withdraw your funds back to your linked bank account by going to Maximiser pocket and tapping 'Withdraw".

  • If you initiate the withdrawal before 2 PM UK time Monday to Friday, you will receive the funds in your account by the evening

  • If you initiate the withdrawal after 2 PM UK time Monday to Thursday, you will receive your money the next day

  • If you initiate the withdrawal on Friday after 2 PM, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday, the funds will be returned to your account on Monday.

The funds returned will show as your full name on the bank statement.

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