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Maximiser weekly allowances FAQs
Maximiser weekly allowances FAQs
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Can I customise the days I will get paid my allowance? 💰

Not at the moment, the allowance transfer is initiated on Thursday afternoon and will be in your bank by Friday 11:59 pm.

Can I update my allowances while my cycle is running?

At the moment you can update your allowances during the current cycle on an Android device and we will be releasing this feature to iOS very shortly!

What should I do if I spent my weekly allowance?

If you have money in a normal pocket, we suggest withdrawing from there, as it will arrive in your bank account almost instantly.

If you need the money in the Maximiser pocket, go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Pause and withdraw’. 💸

What does the suggested daily allowance mean?

The suggested daily allowance is the amount of money we suggest you spend per day in order to not overspend.

My allowance transfer is still pending, what shall I do?

👉 If you see in the app that the deposit is pending, it means it’s on its way and should arrive by 11.59 pm on Thursday evening.

My allowance transfer shows as cancelled, what shall I do?

In this case either chat to a human in the app or email Plum's support. 🙌

Can I exclude certain transactions from my weekly allowance?

Not at the moment, but we are working on this functionality and we hope to release it in the next few weeks.

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