How do cycles work?
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When setting up Maximiser, it is active until your next payday. If you want to use it after that, you will need to set it up from the top.

So, Maximiser basically works in monthly "cycles" based on your payday schedule and you need to reset it every month so Plum can re-calculate the allowances' periods.

When can I set up my next cycle?

Plum will prompt you to set up the next cycle when we detect that you’ve been paid.

Can I skip a one month cycle if I'm going on a holiday? 🌴

Yes absolutely, at the moment we ask users to set up their Maximiser cycle each month, so if you go away for a month and don’t want to mind your spending, you can pause the cycle from the settings screen.

How can I update my salary?

Each month we ask you to re-confirm your salary during the setup process.

We are also working on adding this to the settings screen so you can do it at any time in the month. 📆

How can I update my regulars?

Each month we will ask you to re-confirm your regular bills and other planned expenses during the setup process.

You can change your regulars from the Maximiser Settings screen at any time👍

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