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Can I put money aside if I want to save some money?

Yes! During the setup flow, there is an option to set extra money aside on top of your Plum savings.

You can set money aside for extra savings, investments, emergencies or one-off payments. This money will be left in your bank account and not transferred to the Maximiser interest pocket.

What does “Keep an eye on your spending” mean? 👀

That means you have spent more than your suggested daily amount, but not the whole of that week’s allowance. Keep an eye on your spending over the next few days and you can stay on track 😁

What can I do if I forgot to add regulars in the beginning?

At the moment you will have to wait until the next cycle to add the regulars, but we are working on a manage regulars screen, so in a few weeks you will be able to do this during an active cycle.

Can I add more Regulars from Maximiser?

Yes! You can select a transaction from the tracker screen and mark it as a regular. This way, your weekly allowance will be even more tailored to your needs.

My list of transactions in the tracker is not up to date, does this mean I have less money to spend?

The transactions in the tracker screen don’t appear in Plum until your bank moves them from a pending to a complete state. We then refresh the link to your bank every few hours and will update it once it has been completed. 👌

I've tried to withdraw money from my Maximiser pocket and it's prompting me to pause the feature. What does this mean?

At the moment to withdraw the money you must pause the feature, but in the next couple of weeks, we will release the ability for you to withdraw smaller amounts of money whilst still keeping your Maximiser cycle active.

Can I delete the Maximiser pocket?

No, this is not supported at the moment but we hope to allow this in the future 🚀

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