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Can I use this feature if I’m a freelancer?

If you can give us an estimated monthly payday and have a lot of funds in your account, you will be able to use Maximiser.

In case you have a spending card linked to Plum that doesn’t have many expenses coming out of it, then you should also be able to use Maximiser.

In any case, we have caught during onboarding and we don’t subscribe you to Ultra plan unless the product is right for you, so you can go ahead and give it a try. 😉

I tried to set it up but I got the message “Payday too soon” - what does this mean?

Maximiser transfers the majority of your spending money to an Interest pocket to keep it safe earning interest until you need it. But if you set it up very close to your payday, the transfer amount will be very small and will sit in your interest pocket only for a couple of days, therefore we suggest you wait until payday to set the product up.

I tried to set it up but I got the message “[Month's] spending money is too low” - what does this mean?

If we estimate that your suggested daily spend amount is less than £5 a day, we suggest that this product isn’t worth setting up at the moment as we don’t want to risk you not having enough money in your bank account.

If you transfer more money to your main account linked to Plum or set Maximiser up nearer payday, then it’s worth trying to set it up again! 👍

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