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Things to consider before using Maximiser
Things to consider before using Maximiser
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Who is this feature for?

  • If you spend money on the bank account linked to Plum

  • Your salary is paid monthly, and into the main account linked to Plum

  • You work out your budget on a piece of paper, and hate doing it! 📝

  • You sometimes have trouble knowing how you spend all your money

  • You frequently overspend and want to take back control

What happens if I already budget?

We recommend using Maximiser as your budgeting tool. That said, if you have a bank account linked to Plum that you don’t pay any expenses on, the product will still be really useful to help you stay on track on a daily basis.

Can I trust Plum to pay my allowance every Friday?

Yes! Absolutely. We initiate the transfer on Thursday afternoon so actually, you will usually receive the funds by Thursday evening, so in plenty of time for Friday.😊

Can I withdraw money if I need to access it? 💷

Of course! You need to go to your Maximiser pocket, and tap “Withdrawal”. Funds will be sent straight to your bank account and will show your full name as a reference.

Will my Plum savings be affected if I use Money Maximiser?

If you have any rules turned on, these will continue to automatic deposit for you each week. Plum automatic deposits will be taken into account when calculating your weekly allowances.

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