How does Maximiser work?

Available on Plum Ultra Plan

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How it works

Maximiser takes into account your salary, balance, and any bills and subscriptions (including the date they get paid on) to calculate the available money you have to spend until next payday.

The available spending money (which we like to call fun money!) is divided up into weekly allowances, and a daily spend limit is suggested, which is recalculated if you overspend.

All of the future allowances are transferred to a dedicated Maximiser interest pocket, apart from the first allowance which stays in your bank account as your spending money for that week.

So most of your spending money sits in an interest pocket & is earning interest whilst it’s waiting to be spent.🤑

How do allowances work?

On Thursday afternoon every week, Plum initiates the transfer of next week’s allowance. The money is transferred from the Maximiser interest pocket directly to your bank account.

👉 Due to faster transfer times on working days, the week runs from Friday to Thursday in Maximiser.

As you spend the active allowance during the week, we show you tracking information such as total daily spend, how much is left to spend, and a graph with associated transactions.

How can I pause it?

You can pause Maximiser at any time, from the settings button in the tab, at which point Plum initiates a transfer of all the allowance money left in the interest pocket back to your bank account.

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