Loans FAQ
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What types of loan recommendations can I get?

On Plum, you can (but are not guaranteed) see Unsecured personal loans, Secured loans, Guarantor loans.

Am I eligible for a loan?

You will see on the offer how likely you are to get the loan if you apply. If it says pre-approved then you are guaranteed to get the loan, assuming all the data you have provided is correct and subject to additional lender checks.

How long does a loan take to be approved?

This can vary between partners, some will approve straight away whereas some may require more documents and/or checks to make their decision.

Can I cancel this?

This will vary between different providers so best to check with whoever the application was with.

Do I need to contact the loan provider?

You can do so in case you face an issue or would like more information on your loan application.

Will there be a fee?

This varies between providers but will be shown on the offer that you see on Plum.

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