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Plum has taken me overdrawn! What can I do?
Plum has taken me overdrawn! What can I do?
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Oh no! 😢

In order for us to investigate the case we will need:

  • The bank correspondence stating the amount of the overdraft fees.

  • The relevant bank statement which includes the Plum transaction in question.

The bank correspondence is a letter from the bank which is sent via post or through your online bank account. This will state the Direct Debit transaction Plum made which took you into overdraft. Once we have this, we can assess the case and get back to you with the next steps.

Please note that, while we may cover fees incurred as a result of algorithm saving in specific cases, we cannot cover fees caused by our other features (round ups, 52-week challenge, rainy days, etc.).

This is because Plum was essentially given permission to move money based on your transactions and/or settings, and not your bank balance.

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