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What is the Combo Depositor?

Until now, each time you enabled one of the Rules, Plum would create a new Direct Debit for that rule specifically. So you could potentially have four different amounts calculated and collected each week.

That’s a lot of money to be putting away… but it’s also a lot of different transactions. And we’re all about trying to help you simplify your finances!

So from now on, we’ll combine your standard auto-deposits with any other rules that you have enabled. This means you’ll now just see one single Combo Depositor transaction each week.

If you go to Pockets and look at the transaction page, you can select the combo depositor to see the breakdown of the values each rule has contributed.

What does the Plum Combo Depositor include?

The Combo Depositor will automatically combine the following rules:

  • Automatic Depositor (available on Plum Basic)

  • Round Ups / Pound Ups (available on Plum Basic)

  • Weekly Depositor (available on Plum Basic)

  • 52 Week Challenge (available on Plum Pro)

  • Rainy Day Rule (available on Plum Pro)

Note: the Combo Depositor does NOT include Pay Days.

Overdraft protection

We have designed the Combo Depositor to take your Overdraft settings in Plum into account.

This means that, if your balance is low or detected to be close to your overdraft Plum will not run, provided you have Overdraft deposits disabled.

Bear in mind this does not come into effect after a deposit is made. This means that if a deposit was created when your balance met the criteria and, a day or so later, there was a big expense that puts your balance close to your overdraft then Plum will still take the funds out of your bank, as the deposit was created and had been submitted by then.

Can I turn it off?

At the moment, going back to the old regime is not possible.

If you feel that it is too much you can turn off one or more of the rules by going to Brain > Rules > Toggle the desired ones off.

Also, you can tone down the Automatic's mood and Plum will put aside less on a weekly basic.

❗ Bear in mind this will not affect any current pending deposits.

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