Round-ups (IE) 🍀
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Round-ups is a feature that rounds up each of the previous week's transactions to the nearest 1€ and transfers the spare change to your Plum account every Monday!

For example, if you spend €4.50 on a coffee, Plum will round that up to €5, moving 50 cents into your Plum account.

You won't believe your eyes how much you'll set aside with this one! 😁

How to activate it

1. Tap 'Brain' on the main screen of the app and you'll find Round-ups below the 'Rules' section.

2. Toggle Round-ups to ON.

👊 If you're feeling extra pumped, you can also enable the 'Pound-ups' found below Round-ups. This way, Plum will also deposit €1 for every expense that is exactly .00.

❗Please note that Round-ups are not affected by your overdraft settings.

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