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How the splitter works (IE) 🍀
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The splitter is a feature that allows you to automatically allocate whatever amount Plum sets aside for you to various pockets.

How do I set up my split?

Just go to 'Brain' and tap 'Splitter' - there you can adjust where you want your deposits to go.

❗Please note that you can only split deposits that were made by the Rule (e.g the automatic depositor, round-ups, rainy days etc.). Manual deposits are not affected by the splitter at the moment.❗

What is the default setup for splitter?

The default is 100% toward the Primary pocket.

How can I adjust how I split my auto-deposits?

You can select to split your savings among:

  • custom pockets

  • the primary pocket

You get to choose the percentage of the split for each destination.

For example, if you have 2 pockets in your account you can get the splitter to distribute your direct debits like so:

  • 60% to your Primary pocket

  • 40% to your custom pocket

So a £100 deposit will be split into:

  • £60 to your Primary pocket

  • £40 to your custom pocket

Also, note that you will not be able to spot the entire amount of the direct debit anywhere in Plum after the split so don't be alarmed, your funds are always safe. 😊

Can I pause my splitter?

Sure! You need to go to 'Brain' and tap 'Splitter'- from there select 'Account only'.

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