Multiple accounts FAQ (IE)
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What is a Main Account?

Your Main Account is your linked account that Plum moves money to and from. It is the account that we’ve used to set up a Direct Debit mandate with your bank.

What is an Additional Account?

An Additional Account is a secondary account that you have linked to Plum, so that we can give you a smarter, more tailored experience. An Additional Account can be a current account, or a credit card, such as Amex or Barclaycard. You can have multiple additional accounts.

How can I add new accounts?

Just launch the app > scroll a bit down > tap on 'Add account' and follow the process:

When the second account is linked it will show here:

How many bank accounts can I add?

As many as you like!

❗Please note that Plum will always take funds from the Main Account alone.

Do you support credit cards?

Credit cards are not yet supported for Ireland but stay tuned! 😁

Do I have to relink my Additional Account(s) every 180 days?

Just like with your Main Account, the same rules apply. Open Banking regulations mean that customers have to re-confirm that they still want to share their data with third parties every 180 days. This includes credit card institutions too!

How can I see my transactions for a specific bank account?

To filter your transactions for a specific account, just head to the linked account list and select the account in question. Here you can see a list of transactions for just the selected account.

How can I deposit or withdraw money between my linked accounts?

Money only flows in and out of your Main Account (rather than between your linked accounts). If you wish to make a different account your Main Account then you can simply connect this account and then promote it to become your Main Account.

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