Link multiple Bank accounts (IE)
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You can link more than one bank to Plum. But what does that mean in terms of using Plum?

Before, Plum only showed data from one account in the interface. Now, Plum will show any account, under any linked bank.

This means that if, for example:

  • You link your AIB bank and consent to both your current account and credit card data being fetched by Plum.

  • If you link a second bank, any accounts you consent to, will also be exposed in the interface.

Your Regular expenses will be all shown in one place and Plum will be able to give you a more wholesome picture of your finances.

Furthermore, by analysing your spending, we'll be able to offer more accurate insights on companies that are overcharging you.

What Plum aims to achieve by combining all these features is to become your personal financial advisor and wealth management app.

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