How much does Plum cost? (IE)
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It's free to put money aside with Plum, using these saver rules:

  • Automatic

  • Round-ups

Plum Pro - €2/month

(the first month is free when upgrading from our free tier)

When you subscribe to Plum Pro, you get access to all the features included on the basic Plum tier and a whole lot more!

Our premium features are driven by Behavioural Science and use techniques proven to help you put more money aside 🤓

Plum Pro unlocks features such as Pockets & Goals, advanced spending analytics, and exclusive depositing rules.

Here's what's included:

  • Pockets: Your bank might call these 'pots', but essentially Pockets allow you to create separate virtual accounts within your Plum profile. This means you can create a separate Pocket for each of your desires.

  • Goals: Plum Goals work in conjunction with our Pockets, letting you specify a target amount for each of your Pockets, so you can score quicker!

  • Rainy Days: With the Rainy Day rule, you can specify how much money you want Plum to tuck away for each day it's forecast to rain in the area where you live.

  • 52-Week Challenge: Starting with 1€ in the first week, the 52 Week Challenge sets aside 1€ more than the previous week, building up to £52 in the final week of the challenge. That’s a total of 1,378€ over the course of a year.

  • Cashback: With Plum Cashback, we reward you with up to 11% back when you shop with one of our partner brands through the Plum app.

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