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How much will Plum set aside?
How much will Plum set aside?
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It is hard to predict exactly how much plum will deposit when it comes to the Automatic and Round-ups Depositors as they are dependent on your spending habits and bank balance.

The rest of the Rules are somewhat predictable:

  • Rainy days will deposit for you whenever it rains - be careful in Autumn unless you're setting aside for a luxurious manor 😄

  • The 52-week challenge will put aside on a weekly basis, one pound more than the previous until you complete it.

  • Pay Days are entirely up to you on how much you'd like Plum to deposit and when.

Overall, you can have as many of the rules ON as you wish, although bear in mind the more rules you have ON the more money will be moving to your Plum each week - it can be overwhelming.

In any case, if it does become overwhelming, you can disable a few or all of them anytime by going to Brain > Rules.

❗ Bear in mind that if you want to pause your auto-deposits completely you should toggle each saver off.

You can also keep them all off indefinitely and manually deposit whenever you feel like it by going to Pockets > Deposit . 😊

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