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What is the Main Account?

Your Main Account is your linked bank account that Plum moves money to and from. It is the bank account that we’ve used to set up a Direct Debit mandate with your bank.

👉 Business accounts aren’t supported by Plum currently. We also can’t support Channel Island banks.

Joint accounts can be used as additional accounts alone. Plum cannot make auto-deposits from them yet.

What is an Additional Account?

An Additional Account is a secondary account that you have linked to Plum so that we can give you a smarter, more tailored experience. An Additional Account can be a current account, or a credit card, such as AMEX or Barclaycard.

How can I add new accounts?

Just launch the app > scroll down to 'Linked accounts' > tap on 'Add account' and follow the process':

When the second account is linked it will show here:

How many accounts can I add?

As many as you like!

❗Please note that Plum will always make automatic deposits from the Main Account alone.

Can I link a credit card to Plum?

Yes, you can… but you can’t make it to your Main Account! Plum will never use a credit card to make deposits or withdrawals, but the data can be integrated to make the overall experience smarter and more tailored to you.

Which credit cards do you support?

You can link the following credit cards to your Plum account:


Bank of Scotland


Capital One










Tesco Bank

Ulster Bank

...with lots more to be added soon!

Do I have to relink my Additional Account(s) every 90 days?

Just like with your Main Account, the same rules apply. Open Banking Regulations mean that customers have to re-confirm that they still want to share their data with third parties every 90 days. This includes credit card institutions too!

How can I see my transactions for a specific bank account?

To filter your transactions for a specific account, just head to the linked account list and select the account in question. Here you can see a list of transactions for just the selected account.

How can I deposit or withdraw money between my linked accounts?

Money only flows in and out of your Main Account (rather than between your linked accounts). If you wish to make a different account your Main Account then you can simply connect this account and then promote it to become your Main Account. Here's how.

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