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'Regulars' show your regular bills and payments that are paid from your account each month. Cancelling unused subscriptions is essential to keep costs low and it’s helpful to see all your upcoming payments too. 

You can find your Regulars by tapping on your linked account from the Plum app.

How does it help me set money aside?

To calculate the perfect amount of every deposit for you, we gather transactional data from your Main linked bank. Doing so helps our algorithm to calculate just the right amount for you.

Apart from that, aggregating regular payments from the additional accounts provides better visibility of your expenses and Plum can offer more accurate quotes via the 'Lost money' section.

Why are some of my regular payments missing from my Regulars?

When you join Plum, we gather data from the last 3 months. As there are not many 'regular' payments in that period Plum will not see some as regular yet.

No need to worry! This will not affect Plum's auto-deposits calculations. 😁

The longer you are with Plum the more it will recognise your regulars so your 'missing' regulars should show soon!

Removing Expenses (Available on Plum Pro for iOS)

1) Tap on 'Regular expenses'

2) Tap on the Regular you'd like to remove

3) Tap on 'Delete this expense'

Adding Expenses (Available on Plum Pro)

1) Tap on 'More info' in True Balance

2) Tap on 'Regular expenses'

3) Tap on 'Add expenses'

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