What does Plum do?

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Put money aside with Plum 💰

Plum connects to your current account and analyses your incomings and outgoings. It analyses transactions and then identifies your regular income, rent, bills and daily spending. Using this and other factors like your available balance it calculates daily what amount it can safely put aside without affecting your daily life and moves it to your Plum account via direct debit every 4-5 working days.

Plum also offers different rules, such as Round ups, Weekly rule, Pay days rule, etc. All these rules will be combined with your standard Automatic deposits and any other rules that you have enabled and will be included in your weekly Combo deposit.

You can access your money anytime by going to Pockets>Withdraw. You can adjust how Plum automatically deposits for you by tapping on 'Brain' 🧠 , selecting which rules to use and whether you want to hold off automatic deposits for a bit you can pause them.

Invest with Plum 📈

If you would like to start investing just tap 'Investments'. Plum will explain how investing works and provide you with 7 options with different risk levels and returns. You can invest in 1 or all of these options for as little as £2.99 a month and take your money back out whenever you like.  Money in your Plum account is protected but if you choose to invest, capital invested is at risk.

Get your Spending Insights from Plum 📊

Get a better idea of where your money goes with friendly balance updates.

Set daily or weekly balance updates and keep an eye on where your money goes. Automatically track your spending by category, week and month.

Plum will let you know without you having to wade through bank statements. 

Switch to cheaper Bills with Plum 🙌

When Plum notices you are being overcharged on a bill or for a financial product e.g. overdrafts / mortgages Plum lets you know in the bot. Plum also finds a cheaper solution for you based on your specific needs and helps you switch over in a few clicks.

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