Why is My Investment Pending?
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When you move money into your Plum investments, you may notice that the funds will be shown as ‘pending’ in the activity feed for a few working days.

It takes on average 5 working days for an investment to finish processing compared to a saving. However, when you invest from your bank account the money must first enter your Plum account and is then redirected into your investment fund. This means it takes an extra 4 days to complete.

During this time it may appear your money is neither in your Plum account nor in investments. Don’t worry, this is normal! Your funds have been transferred into your account and are in the process of being invested during the next trading cycle. As soon as your money is on the market, this will be reflected in your Plum investment profile balance.

To find your pending investments tap Investments > Activity to get the completion dates of each.

👉 They will not reflect in your total investment balance until they are completed.

How does the Buy order pricing work?

When you instruct Plum to buy shares, Plum instructs the product provider to buy the fund units that correspond to the requested amount at the next trading cycle of that fund.

Those units will be bought at the price of the next trading cycle. So, until the provider/market announces it every day no one actually knows the exact price they are getting - this is standard across the industry.

If the price moves up the next day, you will get a bit less than you asked. If the price moves down, you will get a bit more.

This is further explained in the Investment Terms and Key Features Document (which you can find in the Settings / Documents section).

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